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La Petite Chocolate

Seasonal Collection

Seasonal Collection

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Dark and milk chocolate bonbons with our fair trade organic chocolate and the tastes of the season! This beautiful collection combines lots of vibrant colours and shapes and is guaranteed to brighten up your day.

**Please note that this photo does not represent the actual Seasonal Collection Box. Shapes and colours  differ seasonally. Please refer to the card attached for the up to date version.

**Also please note that, sometimes one or two flavours might not be available. In that case, we will contact you to replace the missing flavours from the other collections or double up some flavours from this seasonal collection. 

The flavours listed below are the current flavours. 

The Seasonal Collection comes in 6 or 12 piece boxes. The 12 piece boxes have a decorative sleeve. Flavours are :

Citrus Rosemary Rosemary infused citrus fruit combined with our fairtrade and oranic white chocolate wrapped in dark chocolate shell. The beauty of sweet and sour! 

Rose Cardamom (V)

Our Mother's Day special! Cardamom and rose petals infused in rosewater and mixed with 70% dark chocolate from Ecuador. For rose lovers!
 Bergamot Earl Grey infused bergamot puree mixed with 70% dark chocolate layered with bergamot pate de fruit. This bonbon has a nice sour taste with Earl Grey after taste.
Passionfruit Caramel (V) Delicious passion fruit caramel layered with dark chcolate ganache. Vegan.
Juniper Berry Pomegranate (V) Pomegranate pate de fruit layered with juniper berry infused dark chocolate ganache. Juniper berry goes well with many red fruits. Pomegranate is one of our favourite combination. 
Grand Marnier Sweet refreshing lemon mixed with Grand Marnier and white chocolate ganache. The freshness of the ganache combine beautifully with the dark chocolate shell. 

(V) : Vegan  -  (L) : Contains liqueur

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