A spicy fusion of flavour and sustainability

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As an organic fair-trade artisan chocolaterie, ethical and sustainable practice is at the heart of our business. We collaborate with like-minded growers and producers of high-quality ingredients to create products that celebrate a fusion of flavour and sustainability. Our Smoked Chilli and Lime Bar, Cayenne & Cinnamon Bar, and Mayan Spice Drinking Chocolate are three such products.
In our search for spices to pair with the floral and fruity profile of our organic Ecuadorian chocolate, we discovered the Manuka Smoked Chipotle powder and the Cayenne Chilli powder grown in the heart of the Kaipara District.

Rob and Anne Leyden of Marohemo Produce share our passion for environmental sustainability. They produce first-grade chillies in Poly Houses that provide optimal growing conditions. Natural pesticides are used on an as-needed basis and no preservatives are used in their food production. In 2022, their Red Devil Manuka Smoked Chipotle Powder won a bronze award in the NZ Artisan Awards. 

The same vision of producing high-quality food gets Rob and Anne Leyden out tending to their crop, processing the chilli powders and sauces, marketing, selling and the endless responsibilities involved in running a business. Every Saturday morning Rob and Anne are at the Whangarei Growers Market selling their produce.

We are proud to use Marohemo products in our spicy bars and winter-warming Mayan drinking chocolate with the knowledge that all ingredients have been grown with the love and care that we all want to see in the production of our food.

May 2023 - Kim Crous

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