Summer Cocktails in a box

With Summer & the Holiday Season upon us we are delighted to be releasing an  exquisite range of chocolates infused with (some of) our favorite cocktails.

   It has been a real pleasure to combine our outstanding chocolate with such summery beverages, allowing you to indulge in both in one simply decadent mouthful.

   My love for cocktails probably equals my love for chocolate (or maybe surpasses it even..), and the thought of incorporating one love into another love got me absolutely ecstatic from the very moment the idea was born.
   The result is not dissapointing: the chocolates are delicately infused with the dominant flavors of each cocktail, layer after layer, the one important thing to remember to best appreciate these treats, is to let the chocolate slowly melt in your mouth and let the magic happen.
  To extend the experience and the pleasure, why not have both the cocktail & the corresponding chocolate at the same time? Just saying..

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